Joash Berkeley

JBerk Relaunch

Design and animation process for my brand relaunch of JBerk TV, by Joash Berkeley.

JBerk TV

Rebranding myself has been a great opportunity for me to do some internal investigation about who I am and what I like doing as a designer and animator. What made it simple, was taking the time to understand myself:

I am a narrative-driven 2D animator that loves elegant design with bold visuals.
(There...I said it).

Here's a look at my process for creating my brand relaunch, JBerk TV. This design and animation process that I have, I do with almost every project I'm given that's self-directed.

Ideate Towards Clarity

I've heard the principle that if you can clearly and confidently write your idea unto a post-it note, then you fully understand your idea. Debatable, yes, but thoughtfulness and clarity makes things easier for me to package into design that's precise with a goal. Before I began thinking about visuals, I tried answering clearly: what is it I want people to receive (ie. the message) and how do I want them to feel (the impact). Once the direction was clear to me, I began thinking of how it can be packaged visually.


I thought it would be great to release a relaunch on my birthday, so I created a deadline for myself and something to be accountable to. This isn't the perfect example, but I did concept, design and animation the day before my birthday in my spare time. Below you can see the frames I designed based off the sketches above. Put simply, I wanted to express my personal aesthetic in design and animation, all while alluding to the 'J' and 'B' initials of my name.


Next I focus on finding the rough pacing of the project. Understanding that the pacing of something affect the way people feel, I wanted to have something that made people feel engaged with the contents in the screen. One method I used was to make the viewer follow a single element that's very simple (a black dot) but once catalyzed by something that juxtaposed it, the two create harmony and balance. The following are process shots from the animatic to rough animation to final.



Design / Animation - Joash Berkeley

Music - Sono Sanctus

I hope you enjoyed - cheers!