Joash Berkeley
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One In Seven Billion

One In Seven Billion is a typography-driven audiovisual project that takes the perspective of someone’s engagement with the inferiority complex. The goal for the project is to identify with this concept in a way where we acknowledge that we are both insignificant in magnitude, but undoubtedly important in the world.

SCREENING - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2016)
FINALIST - Adobe Design Achievement Awards (pending final decision)

AWARDED - Video Of The Day award
SECOND PLACE - The Rookies International Student Competition (MoGraph)
FEATURE - Motionographer
FEATURE - Wine After Coffee
FEATURE - PrintMag


Inferiority is a concept that most people, including myself, tend to deal with for quite a long time. Though some people may have the ability to disregard feelings of insignificance, we all subconsciously measure ourselves for different reasons. An individual in the world of seven billion people; one dimly lit star hidden amongst a myriad others. This “insignificance” hinders us from realizing how much we contribute to the world. We strive to come to terms with the expectations of our peers, parents, loved ones, role models and by default the society and cultural norms in which we live. Choose to fit in and you become unoriginal, but choose to stand out and you feel somehow out of place. There are two great realities within this project: yes, you are simply a speck in the grand orchestra of life, but also that your uniqueness is a result of this. You are that singular standard that has a right to shine in the world.


Creative & Art Direction - Joash Berkeley

Design & Animation - Joash Berkeley

Music & Sound - Henrik Jose

Intro Hand Lettering - Eugene De Guzman

Writing - Alex Wiggins and Joash Berkeley

Recording Professional - Antony Lawrence

Special Thanks

Duff Yong (Professor), Christina Maloney (Professor), Chris Salvador, Amy Wallace, Antony Lawrence, Sekani Solomon, Timothy Skinner, Sarah Beth Hulver, Ariel Costa (Blink My Brain), Kenny Kerut, Sabrina Rose Woolhiser, MOMELOVE department of the Savannah College of Art & Design; and of course, my family for their continued support.